New Black Lives Matter Street Mural print

New Black Lives Matter Street Mural print

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The mural so nice we did it twice!!

After a very tumultuous summer of events our mural had seen better days. So we worked with a couple folks at the City, shouts to Jason Huff of Office of Arts and Dahvee Enciso at Dept. Of Transportation, who helped us bring the mural back to life. Notice any changes to some of the letters?


Image features the word BLACK LIVES MATTER with each letter painted by a different member of the Vivid Matter Collective:

B- Kimisha Turner

L- Perry Porter

A- Angelina Villalobos

C- Perri Rhoden

K- Ari Glass

L- Cody Kalani & Kevin Drake

I- Vivid Matter Collective

V- Aramis Hamer

E- barry johnson

S- Sneke One

M- Moses Sun

A- Brandon Thomas

TT- TDUB Customs

E- Future Crystals

R- Afro SPK

Specs: 18"long by 12"tall 

Mohawk Vellum

High quality digital print. 

Image captured by Kyle Kotajarvi

Prints by The Color Group. Seattle, WA.